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had to draw the new qt. click top pic for full view!

super hoping he’s a desert baby like a lotta folks are theorizing.


What I love about the AH Kings series is that it is literally a giant game of Simon Says but it’s spawned beautiful fanart, fanfiction and is basically a fandom within a fandom.


never and i mean absolutely never let anyone tell u that u can’t go in a bouncy castle

there is a u in bouncy 

and there’s gonna be a u in that castle

Who cares about your lonely soul? (I do!) by Michael Colbourne, Christian Edwards from the album: Les Misérables 2014-09-18


Enjolras: Who cares about your lonely soul?

Grantaire: [raises hand] I do!

Les Misérables (London), 18 Sep 2014 - Michael Colbourne (Enjolras), Christian Edwards (Grantaire)


The Barricade Boys of The Dallas Theater Center


You know what I’d really like to see? George Blagden playing a villain. Not a villain with a sad backstory, no no no. I want a truly evil, completely twisted, doesn’t have any type of moral compass whatsoever kind of villain.

How do you measure the life of a woman or a man?

Smoking a DVD watching illegal weed
Ed Sheeran messing up the words in Nina at the Toronto Show.  (via whorannaround)

Miles Luna through the years (2007 - 2014)